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Nancy's Ghost? - By Michele Montalvo (2/2/11)
Nancy Spungen Pilgrimage - By Michele Montalvo (30/10/11)
Interview with Alan Parker - By Brett Dunford (20/1/12)
Teddie Dahlin book excerpt - Early draft of A Vicious Love Story (6/2/12)
Interview with Richard Mann - By Brett Dunford (20/2/12)
Interview with Teddie Dahlin - By Brett Dunford (12/8/12)
Interview with Den Browne - By Brett Dunford (3/6/13)
Interview with Danny Garcia - By Brett Dunford (26/4/14)
Interview with Conor Hussey - By Brett Dunford (11/10/16)

Who Killed Nancy - By Brett Dunford (?/3/09)
Sid and Nancy - By Clair Hart (8/4/12)
A Vicious Love Story - By Brett Dunford (13/7/12)
Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols - By Brett Dunford (4/10/12)

New Strokes for the Heartbreakers - New York Rocker (?/8/76)
Sid Vicious in Murder Drama - The Sun (13/10/78)
Singer's Girlfriend Lived, Died in Pain - Philadelphia Bulletin (15/10/78)
The Vicious Affair - New Musical Express (21/10/78)
A Tale of Two Patsies - The Village Voice (23/10/78)
The Not So Lonesome Death of Nancy Spungen - Soho Weekly News (26/10/78)
Sid Vicious' Grand Farce - Rolling Stone (2/11/78)
A Punk Nightmare in New York - Rolling Stone (30/11/78)
D.O.A. (Don't-Overlook-Any-of-It) - FFanzeen (5/6/80)
Femme Fatale - Mojo (?/3/00)
Sid and Nancy in New York - PUNK Magazine (Q2/07)
The Deaths of Sid and Nancy - Time Life (?/07)
The Last Days of Sid - Eyewitness (?)

The Flowers of Romance - Skum (?/1/77)
The Vermorel Interview - Sex Pistols: The Inside Story (?/8/77)
From Beyond the Grave - Some Product (Q2/77-Q1/78)
A Vicious Telephone Call - Telephone interview (20/1/78)
DOA: A Right of Passage - Documentary transcript (?/1/78)
Behind Closed Doors - New Musical Express (4/2/78)
Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll - Record Mirror (8/4/78)
Villain or Victim? - New Wave Music (?/12/78)
Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen Interview - PUNK Magazine (?/3/79)

The Birth and Death of Sid Vicious - Birth and death certificates (57-79)
Belsen Was a Gas - 'Belsen' handwritten lyrics (76)
What Makes Nancy So Great - By Sidney (77)
Wardrobe - Assorted outfits and apparel (77-78)
Engagement ring - Nancy's engagement band (78)
Identification cards - Assorted I.D. cards (77-78)
Posters and flyers - Assorted advertisements (78)
Letters to Deborah Spungen - Prison letters to Nancy's mother (?/10/78)
Sternographer's notes - Assorted sternographer's notes (10/12/78)
Court documents - Assorted court documents (10/12/78)
Suicide note - Suicide note found in Sid's jacket (2/79)

Lyrics - Complete Sid Vicious lyrics (4-9/78)