Sid Vicious in Murder Drama

This famous cover story was written by veteran journalist, Leslie Hinton, and published in The Sun newspaper on October 13th, 1978.

Sex Pistols punk star Sid Vicious was held on suspicion of murder yesterday.
> Vicious, aged 21, was led handcuffed and cursing from a New York hotel after his girlfriend Nancy Spungen was found stabbed to death there.
> Homicide Squad Lieutenant Richard Gallagher said: "He will face a formal charge of murder later."
> Hotel staff said police were called after Vicious came downstairs shouting, "Something has happened to my girl!"

Nancy, aged twenty, was discovered lying face down in the bathroom with a knife wound to her stomach. She was wearing only a black bra.
> A police spokesman said: "He told us that he woke this morning and could not find the girl. He said he found her body in the bathroom and has no idea of what happened."
> A lawyer will apply for bail and Vicious plans to deny the charges when he appears in court today.
> The couple booked into Manhattan's Chelsea Hotel six weeks ago as Mr. and Mrs. John Ritchie.
> A month after their arrival they moved from their original room when a mattress caught fire.
> Manager Stanley Bird said: "We welcome pop music people here but not this kind. He was trouble - noisy and unpleasant."

Hotel guest Vera Mondelssohn, aged 43, said she heard the dying woman's moans during the night.
> She said: "I don't know what time it was, very early in the morning I think. I heard this moaning and sobbing from a female voice next door.
> "I wish I had called the police. If I had, she might've lived."
> Vicious' British manager, Malcolm McLaren, is likely to fly out to New York today.
> Mr. McLaren said: "I cannot believe he was involved in such a thing.
> "Sid was set to marry Nancy in New York. He was very close to her and had quite a passionate affair with her."
> Nancy, from Philadelphia, first met Vicious nearly eighteen months ago when he was on an American tour with the Sex Pistols and she was an exotic dancer.
> A friend said in London last night: "I don't think Nancy was a stripper exactly - but that kind of thing."
> Nancy claimed that when she first met Vicious she had to teach him about sex.
> She once said: "He was pretty near being a virgin before."
> Vicious' mother, Mrs. Anne Beverley of Stoke Newington, London, disliked her. She referred to her as "Nauseating Nancy" and once said: "I think she is a bad influence on Sid. I wish they had never met."
> Nancy, who went to a school for problem kids when aged eleven, once said: "I'll kill myself as soon as the first wrinkle appears. I don't want to lose my looks."
> And Vicious said: "I'll die before I'm very old. I just have that feeling."

Shocked residents of Pindock Mews in Maida Vale, northwest London, where the couple had a flat for nearly a year, told last night of the "peaceful, polite" punk-rock star and his girlfriend.
> Next door, garage owner George Forest, aged thirty, said he heard "almost everything" through the paper-thin walls.
> He said: "Sid and Nancy were never any bother.
> "They had the odd row, like anybody else, but that was very rare."
> Mr. Forest added: "There was only one real rumpus between them when Sid threw Nancy out in the middle of the night.
> "She was running up and down the mews dressed only in her G-string. She was yelling 'I love you' through the letter box, sticking her bottom in the air.
> "But she was silenced when Sid threw a bucket of cold water over her.
> "Everyone was sticking their heads out of the windows to watch. It was an amusing spectacle.
> "Half an hour later though, Sid let her back in and presumably they made up."
> Another neighbour said: "They were rather a weird couple but they didn't cause any aggro.
> "I know Sid had a wild-man image on stage, but with Nancy he was rather hermit-like."

Leslie Hinton

The Sun