D.O.A.: A Right of Passage

This is a video clip from Lech Kowalski's 1981 punk documentary, "DOA: A Right of Passage". It is a candid interview with Sid and Nancy conducted by writer Chris Salewicz in late January 1978, shortly after the break up of the Sex Pistols. Filmed in the bedroom of their home at Pindock Mews, Maida Vale, portions of this interview have been printed in the New Musical Express and PUNK Magazine, but what follows is a direct transcription from the video.

NANCY SPUNGEN: Oh Sid, please wake up. TALK! Because what you're saying is totally unintelligible, and he can't understand you. And we called 'em so that means it's a waste of his time, so let's give him a good interview, alright.

SID VICIOUS: Well, do you know what I mean?

NS: Do I know what you mean? About why you called it a day? Yeah, I know what you mean. Everybody was for Sid, I mean, Sid was like, I don't know if you saw any of the gigs but Sid was like, really shining out, and John was being like, nothing. You know, he just wasn't giving it anymore. He just wasn't. And he wasn't shaping up. He was looking awful. The way he was dressing, the way he looked, looked horrible. He wouldn't listen to anybody and like, you know, I mean, Sid tried to talk to him time and time and time again.

Nancy takes a sip from her drink and parts her legs for the camera.

NS (to camera - sarcastic): Shall we kiss for you?

Sid appears to doze off while Nancy looks on. In the next shot, he is awake and searching for something.

NS (to Sid): We'll go to sleep later on. What are you looking for?

SV: Okay... um, so like, the only two people that I can think of... (starts to doze) that I would like to play with, w-w-w... (starts to snore)

* * * * *

NS: Sid... (whispers) oh, my God.

Sid is awake again.

NS: Sid, he's not interviewing me. Please try and wake up.

SV (sleepy): Okay.

NS: Do you want me to make you a cup of coffee?

SV: Where's my scotch? Yeah, could you?

Nancy gets up and lights a cigarette.

NS: Yes, I'll make you a cup of coffee, but will you try and fuckin' wake up, please?

SV: Yeah, okay.

NS: Because we gave him an interview, we want to give him a good interview, alright.

SV: I'll do it.

NS: You're not talking intelligibly, you're falling asleep in your sunglasses, wake the FUCK UP! (V.O.) He's been very ill. It's hard for him to talk, I'm trying to get him to wake up and talk to you. Yeah, I've been making him rest since he's back by feeding him good food.

Sid is asleep, snoring. Nancy wakes him up with an asthma inhaler.

NS: Will you wake up, please?

Nancy squirts him in the mouth five times with the inhaler.

NS: Just wake up.

SV: Yeah okay, I'll wake up. Right, now what's the next question?

NS: He ain't gonna drop dead, take it from me. He's just fucked up, I mean he's been sick for three months that he's been on the road, the whole time. I mean look at that poster up there, he's yellow on that poster, you can see it, can't you?

Sid drops his cigarette on the bed.

NS: Sid! What are you...

SV: You got the ashtray?

NS: Yeah, you put the cigarette on the bed. (To journalist) What did you say?

SV (pointing to the bed): I put it in the ashtray.

* * * * *

In the next shot, Nancy is fumbling at her rubber shirt.

NS: I told him. I said, "Watch, you watch, the first thing he's gonna say is 'what am I doing here, right?'". And the band have had so many problems at the moment, and like, that's the first thing he said... (becomes agitated with the shirt) fuck, sweating in this shit...

SV: Stand up, I'll help you take it off.

Nancy gets up off the bed.

NS: Excuse us a second. You'll just have to bear with us. I hope you're not really mad.

Nancy lifts up her rubber t-shirt and covers her breasts.

NS: I don't have anything on under it.

SV: What?

NS: I don't have anything on under it. (V.O.) An interview with Sid and Nancy. Sid and Nancy at home!

Nancy heads to the bedroom closet and puts on a bra.

NS: God, I'm sweating!

SV: You're sweaty...

NS (V.O.): I've been with Sid ever since the first day I ever got to England. And we're partners in crime. We have good fun, we help each other out, you know? (To journalist) Okay, fire away, next question?"

Sid and Nancy are on the bed together. He is asleep with his arm around her.

NS: Like, Sid would have died fifteen deaths if I hadn't been around. That's just the way he is. (Gestures to him) This is what he does when he's not with me. (V.O.) It's shit when people say he can't play, because he can. He learned all the Pistols songs in two weeks, and it just made him want to work all the more.

* * * * *

Sid and Nancy kiss sloppily.

SV (to interviewer): Hey, do you want to make a pornographic movie? Give us a hundred pounds?

NS: Oh, stop!

Nancy nuzzles into Sid's chest and they snuggle.

NS: We made one for Sex Pistols Number Three in Huddersfield.


NS: It was great fun, on a dirty floor with a Never Mind the Bollocks poster under us. It was great. It was one of those, huh?

I: What were you doing, screwing?

NS: Sucking. Being dominant and submissive. Sid licking my feet..."

Nancy fumbles at her trousers and finds a tear.

NS: Oh no, Sid!

SV (waking up): What?

NS: It's not even on the seam neither.

* * * * *

Sid is fast asleep, snoring loudly.

I: Despite all the hassles, what was it that you thought the Pistols were trying to do? Really kick the establishment up the arse? (Pause) Sid?

NS: Owww!!!

Sid has burned Nancy with his cigarette.

NS: Ow, Sid! DAMN YOU! Fuck...

SV: Yeah? I'm sorry, I can't help it.

NS: That's the eighth time.

SV: I'm just so tired and worn out.

NS: You spilled cigarettes on me, you spilled coffee on me, you spilled orange juice on me...

SV (correcting her): Water. (To camera) What was the next question?

Nancy throws something small at Sid.

SV: What was the next question again?

NS: Don't drop it on me AGAIN!

SV: What was the question?

Chris Salewicz

The Sex Pistols Channel