From Beyond the Grave

'From Beyond the Grave' is an eight-minute compilation of Sex Pistols interviews from 1977-78, including an excerpt from the KSAN interview in California on January 14th, 1978. It was released on the album 'Some Product'.

INTERVIEWER: Where is Sid?

PAUL COOK: I dunno, he's about.

STEVE JONES: He's wanking off.

PC: We've lost him again. He's gone missing.

SJ: He's gone to do a solo album.

I: Does he frequently get lost?

JOHNNY ROTTEN: Maybe one day it will be permanent. [Laughs] Sorry Sid.

SID VICIOUS: Before I joined the group, I used to be a shop assistant in the Sex shop with Malcolm McLaren. I went to see them a lot and I knew John. He was an old...

JR: Enemy.

SV: ...enemy of mine from college days.

JR: We used to squat together.

SV: We hated each other. And he was in this group and we really hated each other at the time and like I thought, "oh this is gonna be a real load of crap with this idiot." So I went along to see this group and er, they were just like, huh, really wonderful. I really thought they were great.

JR: Mainly me.

SJ: What did you think of me, Sid? Tell 'em.

SV: I thought he looked like a turtle. [Band laughs] And erm, like I just thought they were the most brilliant group I'd ever seen. Y'know, I really admired them. They were just like so honest, I just couldn't believe it. Like that Bill Grundy thing, I mean that wasn't put on at at all - he asked for it and he got it, you know what I mean? And they done it in a very clever way, they were just themselves, they made complete mincemeat of him because he's a total fool. He's a grown-up and they're kids so how can he compete?

Cos those people need to be got up off their behinds, fools. That's why we're here, well part of the reason. The thing is that most of the general public are so contrived themselves that they just naturally assume that we are as well, but I'm afraid we're not. We don't hold ourselves back for grown-ups, why should we? If they can't take the pressure that's their tough luck. Grown-ups are people who have become redundant. The difference between us and them is we don't care. I'm gonna be dead before I'm anywhere near that age.

You see being a grown-up, you can be grown-up at any age, you know what I mean? There are sixteen-year-olds who are grown-up. Like we will never grow up, we're just a bunch of kids, you know what I mean? And we always will be kids. That's like why we will never change, we wont change, nothing will.

SJ: Elvis was good because when he started he was a part of the thing.

Sid: He forgot what he was about and people had to tell him and he was too stupid to know any better. We're not like that.

I: Do you think then by the time you're thirty, that you ain't gonna be working as a band then?

SV: I doubt it.

SJ: I don't think so, we ain't got the sense.

* * * * *

JR (snidey voice): Buy my album and make me a millionaire. I want a house in the country.

SV: I wanna die!

SJ: I wanna brothel!

SV: Like Johnny Gonzalez said: "I wanna live 'till I die."

JR (on the subject of a Pistols movie): Only one of the backers have pulled out, Twentieth Century Fox.

SV: Very unimportant little concern, we might add. Listen, if we wanna make a film, we'll make one and no one will get in our way, believe me. We got our street smarts, you know what I mean?

My girlfriend fucks me with a dildo, so what? We're also very honest. [Jones belches]

PC: You better ask Sid about ____ _____ cos he seems to know about it.

SV: I like ____ _____ a lot, actually. He's a good guy.

PC: He gives you drugs, that's why.

SV: No, he doesn't. [Pauses] Well, yeah he does but...

* * * * *

SJ (on the subject of fans): If they wanna gob it's up to them, we don't mind it.

JR: I mean, we're not stars.

SV: Just as long as they don't mind being gobbed back at.

Pogoing started cos like when I first went to see the Pistols, they were the only band that I ever wanted to dance to and I couldn't dance. I didn't know how to dance so the only thing I could think of was leaping up and down. I used to do it really good as well. It was a great dance the way I used to do it and the way John used to do it but like these arseholes that do it now, y'know, they're just pathetic and I walk into clubs and I see these people and urgh, it's just disgusting.

SJ: Yeah, well, don't say that. They don't know that do they?

SV: Like what can you do? We have something to say so we have to say it. When we toured Sweden right, there was these two little kids who worked in this punk shop in Sweden and one of them was twelve. These kids were incredible. One of them had an iron cross tattooed on his chest, right, but I spent the whole day with them and they like shoved me around and we had really good fun. They took me out and bought me a load of sweets and things, it was just great and they were really brilliant, they were fantastic, like twelve years old, you know what I mean? And I gave one kid my favourite t-shirt.

People have been calling us punks since we were fifteen, you know what I mean? We've looked like this ever since then, like we haven't jumped on any bandwagon.

SJ: We don't plan a year ahead, let alone five years.

SV: We don't even plan for tomorrow!

SJ: The only reason why we ever got where we have is not through thought.

JR: Are we gonna rehearse tomorrow?

SV: Get lost mum, I hate your guts!

* * * * *

SV: I got a full beer can right in the face like this, smash, right off the face and it cut my lip open. I'm illiterate, I don't know what you're talking about.

BONNIE SIMMONS: Tell me what you think of America?

SV (Jamaican accent): Ask me no question and I tell you no lie. It's 1978 right?

BS: You got it.

Sid (Jamaican accent): Shut you bloodclot mami, cutty to Raj.

JR: Oh, shut up, Sidney!

SV: Most of our records are banned because like, we're telling the truth. For a year, we've been banned like everywhere and our records are banned because we're saying things to the straight cops and, you know, the grown-ups. That's unacceptable to them. They can't take anarchy. They want everything ordered so that life is nice and safe and like, they're closet cases, they ain't ever been out of their closet since the day they were born. I don't think ever, I just do.

BS: I asked for that one.

SV: None of us think, we just do. Why bother about thinking about it? Let's talk about sex, I like American girls.

BS: What are we talking about? Physically? Mentally? What are we talking about?

JR: Mentally, they're not there at all. [Laughs]

SV: I'm talking about shoving it in.

BS: I thought you might be.

SV: Rules are made to be broken right? When there are no more rules or categorisations, when there are no more niggers or whites, when there's just people. When there's no more punks, when there's no more dirt, that is when things are gonna be okay and like, we'll probably be dead in like two years.

BS: This is KSAN in San Francisco, let me just stay legal here. We're talking to the Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious. They're playing at Winterland tonight, they're also going to do a...

SV: Blah, blah, blah...

BS: Keep going. Let me bring it down a little so I can go on. And they are going to be playing at Winterland this evening around ten o'clock. The Avengers and The Nuns are also both on the bill. We'll be taping it and it will be on the radio around midnight...

SV: Yak, yak, yak... bellyache, bellyache, bellyache...

BS: ...I'm gonna come back and talk to them and play some more of their music in just a moment.

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