Nancy's Ghost?

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New York lore has circulated many Sid and Nancy ghost stories over the years. Both the Chelsea Hotel and Bank Street are alleged hotspots for paranormal punk activity. One cemented in Chelsea legend is the story of the elevator that stops on the first floor for no reason whatsoever. The dwellers of the now-closed hotel have been known to joke about "ol' Sidney" but could it be that Nancy is the culprit?

This remarkable photograph was taken when Love Kills staff member Michele Montalvo stayed at the Chelsea Hotel on February 2nd, 2001. It was originally published in our Nancy Spungen Pilgrimage article in 2011.

On our final night there, I went out at two a.m. and started snapping random places. It was quiet and I can assure you no-one was around. I took the photo from the first floor stairway and it shows the double doors that led to the hallway where room 100 was located. It wasn't until I got the image processed that I noticed a figure standing behind the doors. If you look real close in the zoomed-in image, you can see that the figure looks like a long-haired female. I couldn't believe it when I saw it!

There's no doubt that human features can be distinguished in the image, with what could be curly hair cascading around the facial area. Quite a few members of our Facebook are convinced that it's Nancy, still roaming the corridors of the hotel, searching for her lost love on the night of his death...

Of course, we jest and take such things lightheartedly at Love Kills, but we can assure you that the photo is 100% genuine. That's not to say that we believe it to be Nancy's spirit, it's just that the mere thought is so compelling that we felt almost obligated to repost this. Happy Halloween!

Photo © Michele Montalvo