Love Kills

My name is Brett Dunford (pictured in 2016) and I'm the manager of LOVE KILLS. My story begins in 2007, when I started writing articles for a self-released publication called The Black Rider; generally film and music reviews. A lifelong fan of Sid Vicious (which is another story in itself), I hooked up to various punk-related internet forums and made myself known under a small list of aliases. The following year, I helped out at a very popular, but sadly short lived, Nancy Spungen website.

Along with some friends, I conceived LOVE KILLS in 2009. The name originates from the working title of Alex Cox's 1986 biopic, Sid and Nancy. A very modest, but beautiful, web shrine stood for almost two years; which also gave birth to a reasonably active discussion board. However, it was when the switch was made to social media that things started to get a bit more interesting.

Due to copyright complaints from grumpy photographers, the website closed in 2011. I concentrated my efforts solely at the Facebook page, and set about relocating the photo galleries there. A hundred likes soon became a thousand likes. Fans shared our content; reaching the real people in Sid and Nancy's lives. By the spring of 2012, I had already touched base with Efrom Allen, Teddie Dahlin, and Alan Parker (pictured with me that year). Interviews with all of these people, and numerous others, can be found right here.

Later in 2012, this blog first went live after a long construction period; mostly in an attempt to rehouse all the articles that were nuked with the website. As a result, real writing opportunities presented themselves when I starting dropping articles in a few independent magazines, such as Mudkiss Fanzine and Scars. A short story about Sid's last hours, entitled Visitation on Bank Street, was chosen and included in the COLPA Press 2012 fiction compilation, Vicious Stories. In the meanwhile, LOVE KILLS continued to grow in size at Facebook, with one thousand rising to ten.

I teamed up with my associate, Clair Hart, who was already an administrator, and we started taking the fans out on free sightseeing events around London (pictured, heading to Sid and Nancy's house on Pindock Mews in 2015) to celebrate our undying love of Sid and Nancy. These tours have since become an annual event; attracting the odd special guest and reminiscent local. All upcoming events will be posted on the home page.

I hope you find my work informational. The process of uploading future material, be it exclusive content, images or classic articles, will be subject to the time and enthusiasm that I can muster. There are many other Sid and Nancy-related things occupying my life on top of LOVE KILLS, including a book and film on the subject. If you need to get in contact with me for any reason, I can be reached at the usual address. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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Jonny Edwards; Clair Hart; and Nebojsa Kosijer