Vicious White Kid

Vicious White Kid is a new Sid Vicious biography that promises to be the final word. Written by moi, Brett Dunford, it has been a long time in the making. The first writing period began in the winter of 2007, with a near-finished draft done by mid-2009. At this point, Alan Parker had recently released his third Sid biography, Sid Vicious: No One is Innocent, so I felt that my timing was a bit off. I hung onto the document, though; making amendments and tweaks as a hobby project whenever the mood took. Distractions were heavy over 2012-13, when I started writing for a few indie 'zines.

One night in the summer of 2014, I was drinking with Alan in Soho when I mentioned the unreleased biography. I told him that it was my life's work but probably needed a total rewrite. He seemed interested in my angle to present the story as it was: from Sid's point of view, without the bullshit, and to follow the timeline as comprehensively as possible. Before a single word of the rewrite was even committed to a Microsoft Office document, successful publisher meetings took place in August. I cobbled together a sample chapter and sent it off to certain parties. The feedback was very positive, so work officially began on the book in the last weeks of 2014; with no deadline pressures to worry about.

Sid's childhood has been reconstructed fully for the first time, with many new characters interviewed. Nancy's fans will be happy to know that two classmates from Devereux Manor have been interviewed also; both of whom refused to talk prior because of the way Nancy was treated by the media. Drawing from co-operative evidence unearthed in Danny Garcia's 2016 documentary, Sad Vacation, and an extensive archival database, the events of the Chelsea Hotel will be covered in detail like never before.

My research pool includes ten gigabytes of press scans, hard-to-obtain police documents, all the biographies, and my experience gained through years of running Sid and Nancy's premier internet community. I'm over-qualified for the job. Even though the status was halfway by early 2016, the book is temporarily no closer to completion due to the interviews piling up on my plate; conducting and transcribing. New information reaches me on a monthly basis, so there's quite a bit of sporadic surgery going on with the text. While it's undoubtedly assuring a tighter and more factually solid first half, Sid has currently been stuck in time at Ivanhoes for the best part of a year.

Work stalled altogether in April 2016 for three months, due to my involvement with Sad Vacation, but work has since actively resumed. There is no finalised release date, and there probably won't be one for at least another year yet. This biography will not be rushed, as I want nothing to come after it. You can stay up to date on all the latest information via Facebook.

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